Frequently Asked Questions - Public Assemblies

How do I apply for a Public Assembly Permit?

Complete the online application for a Public Assembly Permit (Festival or Parade) and submit the application with the required application fee.  The application is not considered completed until the required fee is submitted.  If you have any questions, contact the Public Assembly Permit Official related to your type of event. Because the City’s event calendar fills up quickly, it is to your advantage to file your application early. Applications may be submitted up to 364 days in advance of your proposed event date(s). A Public Assembly Permit Application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your event, however an application submitted less than 30 days before the event will be considered if the event is a spontaneous response to a current event, or where other good and compelling causes are shown.

Who reviews my application?

Public Assembly Permit Applications are reviewed by the Permit Official, along with the City’s Special Events Planning Committee. This committee consists of representatives from various City Departments and partner organizations involved in event support. For events outside the downtown area, the Permit Official may have the appropriate neighborhood or business association review your application.

What criteria are used in reviewing my application?

The City will consider the following factors in reviewing your Public Assembly Permit Application:

  1. If the application is fully completed and executed
  2. If the applicant has tendered the required application fee or other required user fees, indemnification agreements, insurance certificates, or security deposits within times prescribed
  3. If the application contains a material falsehood or misrepresentation
  4. If the applicant is legally incompetent to contract or to sue and be sued
  5. If the applicant has on prior occasions made material misrepresentations regarding the nature or scope of an event
  6. If the applicant has previously permitted a violation or has violated the terms of a public assembly or parade permit issued to or on behalf of the applicant
  7. If the applicant has on prior occasions damaged city property and has not paid in full for such damage
  8. If a fully executed prior application for the same time and place has been received, and a permit has been or will be granted to a prior applicant authorizing uses or activities which do not reasonably permit multiple simultaneous events
  9. If the proposed event would conflict with previously planned programs organized, conducted, or sponsored by the city and previously scheduled at or near the same time and place
  10. If the proposed event would present an unreasonable danger to the public health or safety
  11. If the proposed event would substantially or unnecessarily interfere with traffic
  12. If the event would likely interfere with the movement of emergency equipment and police protection in areas contiguous or in the vicinity of the event.
  13. The ability, at the time of the proposed event, to provide sufficient law enforcement and traffic control officers to adequately protect participants and non-participants from traffic related hazards in light of the other demands for police protection
  14. If the applicant can or cannot comply with applicable licensure requirements, ordinances or regulations concerning the sale or offering for sale of any goods or services;
  15. If the use or activity intended by the applicant is prohibited by law;
  16. For non-First Amendment protected public assemblies or parades, the following criteria shall also apply:
    1. The cultural and/or educational significance of the event;
    2. The extent to which the event contributes to the economic revitalization and business development of the city;
    3. The impact and/or cost of the event to city support services;
    4. The impact of the event to the public health, safety and welfare;
    5. The impact of the event on business and resident populations within or adjacent to the proposed event site;
    6. The evaluation of any previous event produced by the event organizer with regard to planning, quality, public safety, and payment of invoices;
    7. The frequency and timing of the event or similar events.

How will I be notified of the status of my application?

Public Assembly Permit Applications will either be tentatively approved or denied within twenty (20) days of receipt. If approved, you will be sent a Letter of Conditional Approval indicating that your application has met the City’s basic requirements for public assemblies and outlining specific steps to take to acquire your Public Assembly Permit. Be advised that a Public Assembly Permit will be issued only after all City requirements have been met.

Can I appeal a denied application?

Yes. You may appeal a denied application by sending a letter to the City Manager within ten (10) business days of your receipt of the denial. Only written appeals will be considered.