Code Enforcement

Welcome to the View Code Enforcement Cases page! We’ve updated the way that you search for code cases. Now you can filter the following ways:

  • Enter Parcel ID or Case Number – You can enter the exact case number or parcel id to view specific cases
  • Enter An Address – Search by partial address or specific address. If you include the street type in search, use abbreviations only  (ex: " St", "Ave", "Cir", "Rd", "Dr")
  • Council District – view cases in a specific council district
  • Assigned To – view cases which are assigned to specific code inspectors
  • Case Status – View “New”, “Open”, or “Closed” cases
  • Case Type – View cases by the following types: Commercial, Housing, Nuisance, or Zoning
  • NPA – View cases based on Neighborhood Profile Area

To search for Demolition Orders click here. |  You can also view Code Case Data on this platform:

We apologize for the inconvenience but the search functionality works best in Firefox Browser. In other browsers some search functions do not work. Please bear with us as we find other solutions to this problem. If you are still unable to export the file, please place a Public Records Request via this form.