Matheson Avenue Street Conversion

  • Project typeTransportation
  • Project budgetTo be determined
  • Project phaseDesign

part of the city's bicycle program

a photograph from GoogleMaps of the existing roadway with two lanes in each direction and sidewalk with no planting strip

Existing conditions along Matheson Avenue

Project Overview

This project will evaluate Matheson Avenue, from Jordan Place to Virginia Avenue, for a street conversion. The proposed improvements will include removing one through-lane in each direction and reallocating the space for a two-way, left-turn lane and buffered bike lanes. The improvements will also include installing pedestrian crossings and a new traffic signal at the intersection of Matheson Avenue and Clemson Avenue.

The Matheson Avenue Bridge Streetscape project, part of the Applied Innovation Corridor, is adjacent to this one and will provide streetscape improvements along Matheson Avenue between North Tryon Street and Jordan Place.

Project Goals

  • To provide an east-west bicycle connect from the Shamrock Drive Complete Street project to the Cross Charlotte Trail at Jordan Place

  • To reduce Matheson Avenue's effect as a barrier to north-south pedestrian movement, providing additional crossing opportunities along the corridor

  • To improve safety by calming traffic and reducing vehicle speeds along the corridor

Public Involvement

Residents and business owners will have an opportunity to provide input during planned public meetings. the project team will also provide updates periodically through postcards and the website. The following public meetings have been scheduled or have already taken place:

rendering of a cross-section of the improved roadway with a 5-foot bike lane, 2-foot buffer, and 11-foot travel lane on both sides and a turn lane in the middle

Rendering after project completion. For illustrative purposes only.

Vicinity Map

aerial map of project area with the street conversion depicted by a yellow line along Matheson Avenue between Jordan Place and The Plaza