Zoning Administration

Zoning Administration

City of Charlotte Zoning Variances & Appeals interactive map

Zoning Administration

The City of Charlotte Zoning Administration is responsible for:

  • Enforcement of the City of Charlotte zoning ordinance
  • Zoning inspections
  • Zoning use and sign permits
  • Zoning verification letters
  • Zoning interpretations
  • Commercial site plan review and inspections
  • UDO Board of Adjustment (Variance and Appeals)
  • Administrative Adjustments

Board of Adjustment

Planning, Design & Development


The Planning, Design & Development Department provides administrative support to the UDO Board of Adjustment, oversees the creation of zoning appeals and variances, and provides final interpretations of the city's Unified Development Ordinance.

Housing & Neighborhood Services / CLT Development Center / Planning, Design & Development  

The zoning of a property is a designation that specifies how a piece of property can be used within a city. Zoning districts are created to attract certain types of development such as single-family homes, offices, neighborhood businesses, general industry and institutions like schools and hospitals. The city's zoning functions are divided into three distinct areas of responsibility.

To submit a zoning complaint, please dial 311.

Residential Issues / Zoning Enforcement / Zoning Use Permits

Housing & Neighborhood Services

Zoning Inquiries

The Housing & Neighborhood Services Department conducts zoning inspections of residential construction, issues zoning use and sign permits, provides zoning verification letters and enforces the city's zoning ordinance.

New Commercial Projects

CLT Development Center


The CLT Development Center conducts site plan reviews and inspections of new commercial construction.