Text Amendment 2024-016


To comply with 2023 NC HB 488 amending NCGS 160D-72(b) prohibiting local ordinances which directly, or indirectly, limit building design elements including location of garage doors in single family, duplex, triplex & quadplex dwellings, and replace the discriminatory duplex / triplex / quadraplex driveway / parking restrictions with fair & equitable restrictions equally applicable to single family, duplex, triplex & quadraplex dwellings.

To comply with 2023 NC HB 600 Part II amending NCGS 160D-702(c) prohibiting local zoning regulations requiring a parking space to be larger than 9 feet wide (unless designated for handicap, parallel or diagonal parking). Per 19.6.1.a.iii(E) individual dwelling driveways are parking areas.


  • Public Hearing Date: Pending
  • Zoning Committee Work Session Date: Pending
  • Council Decision Date: Pending
  • Approval Date: Pending


Petition Documents

  • Text Amendment(PDF, 93KB)
  • Pre-Hearing Staff Analysis
  • Post Hearing Staff Analysis
  • Final Staff Analysis
  • Zoning Committee Recommendation

Department Comments

  • Charlotte Area Transit System
  • Charlotte Department of Housing & Neighborhood Services (Housing)
  • Charlotte Department of Transportation
  • Charlotte Department of Solid Waste
  • Charlotte Fire Department
  • Charlotte Land Development
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  • Charlotte Planning, Design and Development
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water
  • Charlotte Water
  • Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency(PDF, 284KB)
  • Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department
  • Urban Forestry