Search Projects and Permits

There are multiple options available for permit and project research. Most require an address or street name at a minimum. Please click an icon below depending on your search needs:

Accela Citizen Access

Search a database of all City of Charlotte Land Development Projects to determine plan review status by address, project, or permit number using the Accela Citizen Access. Applications of all types can be searched, including Commercial Plans, Residential Subdivisions, Plats, As-builts, and Bonds.

CLT Explorer Logo

Charlotte Explorer online GIS Map - Search City of Charlotte Commercial Development Projects within the Planning layer group - turn on the layer Land Development Commercial Projects. This layer includes polygons representing records for development projects & color-coding to indicate Pre-submittal, Active, Approved, and Closed status


Search parcel data and land records using Mecklenburg County's POLARIS on-line GIS map

Link to Mecklenburg County's Permit Search website

Building Permit information can be viewed by address, project, or permit number at Mecklenburg County's website

Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds is the source for recorded deeds and plats for real estate at