​Commercial Plan Review Process


Plans for commercial site development located within the City of Charlotte and the City's Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction are to be submitted for review and approval to Land Development after land entitlement (approved rezoning, site plan amendments, etc.). Land Development staff reviews and inspects commercial development projects in order to ensure compliance with pertinent City ordinances and standards for public street infrastructure. This general process also applies to revisions to approved plans, (see the fee schedule for separate fees for revisions). Please note Building Permit applications can be submitted concurrently to Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement and permit issuance will be conditioned upon Land Development Division plan approval as required.


Various site and building improvement and construction projects are required to go through a Commercial Plan Review. Typical building and development projects reviewed by E&PM Land Development Division, CDOT, and various other agencies include:

  • Addition of impervious areas for new buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.
  • Driveways and streets
  • Storm drainage systems, detention, and stormwater BMPs
  • Tree planting/protection
  • Grading of sites involving one acre of land disturbance (grading permit required)

Urban Forestry/Tree Ordinance and Commercial Zoning reviews are provided for some additional types of projects through the Commercial Plan Review process:

  • Building additions over 1000 square feet
  • Building additions more than 5% of the existing square footage
  • Parking spaces increasing more than 10
  • Building façade changes more than 10%

Still not sure if a submittal is required?

You can verify whether you need to submit a commercial site development plan for review by completing and submitting the Required Submittal Verification Application via Accela Citizen Access. You will receive notification via ACA as to whether or not a submittal to the City is required.

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