​Self-Certified Gateway

As of October 2021, the CLT Development Center now requires a Self-Certified Gateway Checklist(PDF, 234KB) with all commercial and urban plan submittals to ensure the submittal is complete and has all the required information and items for detailed review. The Self-Certified Gateway Checklist(PDF, 234KB) includes the minimum submittal requirements and requires a signature by the submitting design professional indicating completeness of the plans and calculations.  This checklist is now a required document to be uploaded to Accela along with the plan submittal.

Once the plan is submitted to Accela and enters the review process, plan reviewers involved in a typical commercial or project will include Stormwater, Erosion Control, Urban Forestry, Site Construction Inspectors, and Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT).  Urban Design Projects (projects with an Urban zoning classification) will also involve other reviews including Addressing, Solid Waste Services, Planning, Zoning, CDOT Signalization, CATS, and City Arborist.

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