Frequently Asked Questions

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What amount of award money will be granted?

A minimum of $200,000 will be awarded to each grantee. For applicants planning to serve two adjacent corridors (as opposed to one), it is recommended that the funds requested reflect the amount needed to serve two corridors.

How are applications selected for review + consideration?

Applicants that meet the eligibility criteria will be considered for grant awards. Additionally, applicants must attend at least one Q&A session to be considered. Once applications are submitted, a group of panelists will carefully review your proposal. Final selections will be announced in September, 2023.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The applicant must be a non-profit organization/501(c)3, academic organization, or Chamber of Commerce/501(c)6 whose current programmatic work includes workforce development resources, programs and services.

Are financial documents required with the submission?

Yes, financial documents are required for submission. Your organizations must upload the most recently approved audited financials. (Ex: P&L showing two year comparative financials, Federal Tax Returns).

How long should my organization be in existence to apply?

To receive consideration, the organization should be in existence for at least two (2) years to apply and must have provided workforce support programming for at least two (2) years.

How many Corridors of Opportunity are there in Charlotte?

There are six Corridors Of Opportunity in Charlotte.

Where are the Corridors of Opportunity located?

  • Graham Street/ North Tryon Street
  • I85/Sugar Creek Road
  • Albemarle Road/ Central Avenue
  • Beatties Ford Road/ Rozzelles Ferry Road
  • West Boulevard
  • Freedom Drive/ Wilkinson Boulevard

Does my organization need to have a physical space to apply?

The organization does not need to have a physical space to apply, however, it is strongly recommended. If an organization does not have a physical space or does not have plans to use funds to expand into a space, applicants must explain their methods for engaging Charlotte residents within a Corridor of Opportunity.

Can funds be used to acquire a physical space?

Funds can be used to acquire a physical space as long as the space is located in one of the Corridors of Opportunity and the organization provides a clear plan on how the space will be utilized to engage Corridor residents.

What does workforce support refer to in the context of this grant?

The organization needs to currently provide training that promotes upward mobility, skill development, and progression along a career pathway. Examples include resources for small businesses, upskilling, job preparation and connection to job placement.

What does small business support refer to in the context of this grant?

Organizations providing technical assistance to small businesses in the form of training, education and skill building in regard to starting and growing a business or scaling.

What does the physical space of the organization need to accommodate?

The space should provide one or more resources equivalent but not limited to: Programming, job fairs, job training, smaller community meeting space, space for interviews, access to computers, connection place for businesses in the corridors to access resources and network.

How many employees are required to work at the organization?

The organization needs to employ one or more full-time staff members.

Can two organizations apply together?

Yes. Applicants will need to specify if and how funds will be shared between organizations.

Can an organization serve more than one Corridor of Opportunity?

Yes. Organizations may impact one specific corridor or adjacent corridors in close proximity.

I am an organization looking to serve the West Boulevard Corridor of Opportunity, do I need to utilize the Wingate Learning Lab Center as part of my project proposal?

Organizations submitting a proposal to serve the West Boulevard Corridor are not required to incorporate the Wingate Center as part of their project. Organizations choosing to implement the Wingate Learning Lab project must explain how they would use the space, engage the community and use programming to incorporate a digital literacy component.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions about the grant opportunity and application process?

An in-person Q&A will be held on Tuesday, July 11th at 9 am at the Government Center (Room 280). Also, a second Q&A will be held virtually on Friday, July 14th at 9am. Applicants must attend at least one Q&A session in order to apply. Please complete the form below to RSVP for a Q&A session and leave your questions so our team can accurately prepare. Q&A questions submitted by Thursday, July 6th will be given first priority.

Zoom link for virtual Q&A option on July 14th at 9am: