Civil Service Board​

The Civil Service Board was established by the North Carolina Public Local and Private Session Laws of 1929, Chapter 124.  At present, its principal functions are to evaluate and potentially approve new applicants for employment as submitted to the board by the Fire and Police Chiefs; to evaluate and potentially approve all promotions and demotions recommended by the Chiefs of both departments; to maintain a register of officers graduating from the academy; to hold hearings for employees of these departments who have been cited for termination by the Chief; to hold hearings for employees of these departments, upon their request, against whom charges have been brought by the Chiefs of the respective department; and to require that the departments investigate matters involving Police Officers or Firefighters in the public interest.

Board Information

Members:  9 members (3 by Mayor, 6 by Council)
Term Length:  3 Years; Term Limit:  2 Terms

Meeting Information:
Meeting Day: 1st Tuesday monthly
Meeting Time: 4:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Government Center Building (600 East 4th Street)
Time Commitment: 1 hour monthly; 2 to 5 hearings/year (lasting 1 to 3 days)

Staff Advisor:

Stephanie C. Kelly 704.999.1583

D. Kirk McSwain 704.420.2774

Civil Service Board Members
Full Name Position Appointing Authority
Crystal Screen Chair City Council
Tom Baldwin Board Member Mayor
Andrea Harper Board Member Mayor
Joshua Loyd Board Member City Council
Sheila Etheridge-Boddie Board Member City Council
Douglas Young Board Member Mayor
Nick Peach Board Member City Council
Susie Taylor Board Member City Council
Chad Hullett Board Member City Council


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Qualifications for Civil Service Board Members:

  • All applicants must be a registered voter in Mecklenburg County.
  • Current and former City employees, and the spouse, parents, and children of a current or former CMPD officer or CFD firefighter shall not be eligible to serve on the Civil Service Board.
  • Nominees are subject to a state criminal background check.
  • Appointees are subject to City Council's Attendance and Anti-Harassment Policies.
  • Appointees are subject to the Code of Ethics, Gift Policy and Disclosure Requirements for members of boards and must file a Statement of Economic Interest by February 1st of each year.
  • Appointees serve on a voluntary basis without compensation.

Counsel to the Board:
Jill Sanchez-Myers, Senior Assistant City Attorney
600 E. Fourth Street, 15th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone:  704.336.2254

Office of the City Clerk
600 East Fourth Street, 7th Floor
Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone:  704.336.2248
Fax: 704.336.7588

Additional Information:
Civil Service Board - Rules of Procedure - Adopted 12.07.2021(PDF, 674KB)
City Charter, Article III. - Civil Service, Sec. 4.61. - Civil Service Board
Police Department Commendation-Complaint Process


City of Charlotte Boards and Commissions

Handbook for Board Members(PDF, 5MB)

Attendance Policy for Board Members(PDF, 839KB)

Code of Ethics & Disclosure Requirements(PDF, 111KB)

Statement of Economic Interest Form (PDF, 152KB)