Performance Management

Strategic Priorities

At the January 2023 City Council Annual Strategy Meeting, Council reaffirmed their focus on five strategic priorities. During this time Council highlighted the interconnectedness of priorities and the fundamental focus of the Well-Managed Government priority with a refined focus to include advancing equity and safeguarding the environment Council’s priorities create a well-structured foundation for aligning the delivery of city services and measuring the city’s progress. An annual review and adoption of performance measure objectives, measures, actuals and targets, provides a view of how city services and investments progress year-to-year.  The strategic priorities serve to set a focus on the higher-level policy framework to guide the city’s steady progress.

Well-Managed Government, focused on Equity, Engagement, and the Environment - Ensuring the city demonstrates inclusivity through commitment to and focusing on equity and safeguarding the environment; leadership in financial stewardship; reviewing best practices; and maintaining consistency in approach with an emphasis on effective and efficient services that are accountable, customer focused, and inclusive.

Great Neighborhoods - Focusing on comprehensive initiatives designed to create affordable housing and provide opportunities that align with creating great neighborhoods.

Safe Communities - Ensuring neighborhoods are safe, healthy, and inclusive, with a focus on policing, fire protection, and community relations.

Transportation and Planning - Anticipating and planning for the growth of the community. Addressing growth with strategic investments, building, and maintaining a comprehensive transportation network, and placemaking strategies that encourage connection between neighborhoods and employment centers.

Workforce and Business Development - Building and maintaining a successful business climate and workforce talent, including the number of jobs with sustainable wages/benefits; economic opportunity for all residents; and encouraging business development, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Year End Performance Reports

Through the strategic planning process, the city identifies objectives, performance measures and targets that advance the strategic priorities and achieve the City Council’s vision.