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Queens Road West in Charlotte lined with towering willow oaks

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We, the City of Charlotte and our partner organizations, care about our tree canopy and the value it provides to our collective health, environment, economy and city beautification. Though we are made up of many departments and accomplish many tasks, we are united in our commitment to supporting Charlotte, proudly known as the City of Trees. We do this by 1) protecting 2) maintaining and 3) growing the tree canopy, as well as engaging the residents of Charlotte in caring for our trees, both on their own property and across the city. 

What We Do

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One of the best ways we can protect, maintain and grow the tree canopy in Charlotte is to keep track of the trees in our city. That's why we created Tree By Tree, the official inventory of trees in Charlotte, populated directly by residents like you! By checking out the tool and identifying the trees on your property, you'll be a crucial part of caring for our canopy.

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Our Partnerships

Tree Management staff works closely with other city departments and organizations that make our impact on the City of Trees even stronger.

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 Canopy Conversations: City of Trees blog

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Canopy Conversations: City of Trees Blog