Working around Trees

Nearly every business is affected by regulations to preserve existing trees and plant new ones. The CLT Development Center will help your business understand and comply with local requirements. In addition, Landscape Management contracts with private businesses on tree-planting projects, as well as with other tree-removal projects, tree banding and watering. View bidding opportunities.


Capital Investment Plan (CIP)

The CIP team seamlessly interacts and communicates with internal and external customers regarding the City of Charlotte’s CIP Projects. The team reviews project plans and suggests appropriate measure to protect and sustain the tree canopy through construction while delivering functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape areas. Appropriate use of superior design and City approved standards is evident in each finished project. New and interesting plant selections can usually be found within the medians and in planting strips on City streets, setting Charlotte apart from a typical metropolis. The CIP Team designs/installs creative and sustainable landscapes using appropriate plant material and green industry best management practices.