Historic Pinewood Cemetery (est. 1853)

Pinewood 2.jpg While Elmwood and Pinewood cemeteries are operated as and appear to be one, they were separated by a fence and had two distinct entrances until 1969. That was when Fred Alexander, Charlotte's first Black city council member since the 19th century, successfully led a movement to desegregate the cemeteries. Historically, Charlotte's Black citizens were buried at Pinewood Cemetery, while white citizens were buried at adjacent Elmwood Cemetery.

Many of Charlotte's prominent citizens from this period are buried at Pinewood, including the following:

  • Dr. John T. Williams, one of the first three Black doctors in the State and consul to Sierra Leone

  • Lt. Col. C.S.L.A. Taylor, Charlotte's first Black firefighter and veteran of the Spanish-American War

  • Thad Lincoln Tate, prominent business owner and investor in the Brooklyn neighborhood, which is now Second Ward

  • Thomas H. Lomax, Bishop of A.M.E. Zion Church

Pinewood 3.jpg

The Smith Mausoleum designed by W.W. Smith, a successful Black architect whose own mausoleum characterizes his unique design and style, still stands as one of the most architecturally interesting structures in both Elmwood and Pinewood cemeteries. Smith's most prominent work, the Mecklenburg Investment Company Building, still stands Uptown at 3rd Street and Brevard Street. The Jones mausoleum, which is located a short distance from the Smith mausoleum, was also designed by W.W. Smith.

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Charges/ Services

Effective July 1, 2024

Sale of Grave/Niche Space
Grave Space Cost
Adult Grave Space $1,400
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. Grave Space $600
Cremains In-Ground Space $1,000
Perpetual Care Charge (one time fee on all above sales) $210 Adult
$90 Infant/Child
$225 Cremains
25% Mausoleum


Opening and Closing Fees
Opening and Closing Cost
Adult Weekdays $1,300
Weekdays after 3:00 p.m. $2,700
Saturdays $2,500
Sundays & Holidays $3,000
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. Weekdays $600
Weekdays after 3:00 p.m. and Saturdays $800
Sundays & Holidays
Cremations (in-ground burial) Weekdays $700
Weekdays after 3:00 p.m. $800
Saturdays $1,200
Sundays & Holidays $1,750
Second Right of Interment $850
Disinterment Adult $3,500
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. $1,300
Reinterment Adult $1,300
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. $400


Sales/Installation of Amenities
Amenities Cost
Flower Vase Installation $120
Non-Permanent Burial Container/Adult $400
Tent, Chair or Cremation Setup $750
Sale and Installation of City Vase $300
Monument Foundation Construction (per square inch) $1
Marker Installation (per square inch) $1
Transfer Burial Rights $150
Special Request Maintenance (per hour)