Engineering Services

The Engineering Services division provides planning, design, and project management services to the city and is tasked with the implementation of infrastructure programs. To achieve this, the division coordinates with city departments, including Planning, Design & Development; CDOT; CATS; Economic Development; Housing & Neighborhood Services; and with external stakeholders, such as private consultants, the public, and NCDOT. The division implements projects identified in the city’s Capital Investment Plan (CIP), with the goal of providing safe transportation choices, improving neighborhoods, supporting economic development, and enriching the lives of residents through infrastructure programs that build our community.


In-House Planning & Design

Allison Brickey, PE
Engineering Program Manager
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This program serves as an in-house consultant, providing feasibility studies, project planning & design, construction documents, cost estimates and project management services. The program contributes to projects and programs such as Vision Zero, pedestrian safety, sidewalks, Congestion Mitigation, cemeteries, bicycle facilities, signals and other transportation improvements.

Consultant Project Management

Mackenzie Nowacki, PE
Engineering Program Manager
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Tom Russell, PE
Urban Infrastructure Program Manager
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This program manages projects that are larger in scope and require utilizing planners and designers from our partners in the private sector of the engineering industry. Example projects range from new roadways, bridges and roadway widenings to intersection improvements, larger sidewalk projects and bicycle facility projects. This group also manages some of the city's legacy programs such as the Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP), Northeast Corridor Infrastructure (NECI), Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT) and others.