Message from the Director

Dear Residents of Charlotte - Mecklenburg

As the human relations agency for the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, we believe that we have an obligation to ensure fairness and help remove barriers that impede the community from living in harmony and equally  experiencing all that Charlotte-Mecklenburg has to offer. We strive to leave no one behind and to assure that everyone, regardless of their status, has an equal opportunity to succeed. The word community is more than just a part of our name. It is our foundation and represents an inclusive group of friends and neighbors of different races, colors, faiths, ethnicities, ages, incomes, disabilities, sexual/gender orientation and nationalities. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations remains committed to building a more fair and just community that supports constructive dialogue, increases understanding, inspires action and promotes harmony. We thank you for joining in our mission to serve the community we’re so fortunate to call home.

Willie Ratchford, Executive Director

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community Relations Department