Transit Planning

System Map for transit planning

North Corridor/LYNX Red Line

25-mile commuter rail line
10 stations
9 park and ride locations

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Metro Rapid BRT Study

Utilizes I-77 Express lanes
Opens in 2020
Direct service from 4 park and ride locations 

CityLYNX Gold Line

10-mile streetcar line
27 stops
Phase 1 opened in July 2015
Phase 2 opened in August 2021
Phase 3 community engagement starts in early 2024

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LYNX Silver Line

Proposed 29-mile light rail line

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LYNX Blue Line

18.6-mile light rail line
26 stations
11 park and ride locations
Blue Line opened Nov. 2007
Blue Line Ext. opened Mar. 2018 

LYNX Blue Line Pineville-Ballantyne Extension

5.5-mile light rail line
5 stations
Currently Proposed

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In November 2006, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC) adopted the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan. This long-range plan consists of multiple rapid transit improvements in five corridors, a series of Center City improvements, and bus service and facility improvements throughout the region.

CATS completed an integral part of the 2030 Plan with the opening of the LYNX Blue Line light rail service in 2007. In 2015, CATS opened CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar service. An extension of the Blue Line opened in March 2018, and Phase 2 of the CityLYNX is currently being constructed, with an expected service start date in 2021.

In November 2016, the MTC approved and adopted a light rail alignment for Charlotte's Southeast corridor, the LYNX Silver Line. This line replaced the initially proposed 14-miles of bus rapid transit planned for the southeast corridor. With the newly adopted LYNX Silver Line alignment, CATS conducted analysis studies for the remaining transit corridors within the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan, including the LYNX Red Line/ North Corridor and LYNX West Corridor.

On January 23, 2019, CATS presented its findings of both studies, as well as their impacts on Center City to the MTC during a presentation to updated the 2030 Transit Corridor System Plan.

Graphic with pictures of four types of transportation modes and their descriptions. 1. Bus Rapid Transit: intended for a variety



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